Benefits of…Laughing

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Hi guys did you know that today is National Let’s Laugh Day? No? Well, yes it is and so I figured to celebrate we’d talk about the benefits of laughing. As always the image used is from the Pexel Media Library. So sit back and enjoy.

  1. Relaxation

Did you know that laughing causes your body to relax? This is partly down to the hormones released and can be very useful for dealing with stress. Laugher can actually help your muscles to release tension. Now, although the act itself might increase your heart and blood pressure. Afterwards they do drop, however I’m not suggesting you come off of the heart pills and start watching comedy instead.

2. Boosts Immunity

Ok so this one was a bit of surprise to me but when I looked into it, it seemed to make sense. Basically when you laughing your body and brain are producing…

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