Polarpro LiteChaser Pro System for iPhone 13 Pro | First Look


NOTE: I purchased this kit with my own money and received nothing from PolarPro as compensation for the review.

The PolarPro iPhone 13Pro case is very well-made, and very sturdy. It is MagSafe compatible. There is a nice felt covering inside to protect the phone. The phone fits in easily but securely. I do find the part of the case over the power button sticks a bit – maybe that will work itself out after the case is broken in. The system includes a proprietary filter and lens mount. In previous versions of the case, you could use M-mount lenses from companies like Moment. However the new case won’t accept those lenses because PolarPro wants to sell you their own add-on lenses. At the time of this review, those lenses were not shipping so I don’t have a clue as to whether or not they work well.

I haven’t confirmed…

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