The Easy (Eco) Way to Recycle Contact Lens Cases

The Importance of Being Green

There are a lot of people who wear glasses today, with some opting to wear contact lenses alongside glasses or instead of glasses. As many of you are likely aware, contacts are used to correct vision, and many people choose to wear them as they offer a wide variety of benefits over glasses. For example, contacts offer more natural vision correction, more desirable appearance options for individuals that do not like wearing glasses along with their convenience (since glasses can “get in the way”), which makes contacts more ideal for those who play sports. 

However, the packaging contacts come in is often not the most environmentally friendly as most (if not all contacts) come in and are stored in plastic packaging. I know that you’ve probably heard this time and time again, but plastic is really bad for the environment. And those plastic blister packs, along with the plastic contact…

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