Scandinavia 1991


Red Windmill, Moulin Rouge, Paris

No – I haven’t gone mad, I know Paris isn’t in Scandinavia! but every story has a start. Back in 1991, I had decided that I wanted to go to Europe again, but this time head north to Scandinavia. I discovered that I could buy a “Euro Train Pass” for under 25’s and the price was affordable. It also gave discounts on UK trains and cross channel ferries. I took the ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, and then train into Paris. On this trip I had a Samsung AF Slim camera. A small compact, it had a good lens, several features including a controllable flash and a self timer. The motor was noisy, something that is common with a lot of cameras of the era. I also had my Super 8 camera, and a little cheap kodak camera (S100).

From the Moulin Rouge I made…

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