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Rangoli is a traditional Indian art form, existing in various forms and under myriad names all over the country–from Kerala’s Pookalam made with flowers on the festival of Onam, to North India’s vibrant Rangolis (made with colourful sand) seen in every household that celebrates the festival of Diwali.

Here are some of the Rangoli designs I’ve made (alongside my little sister) over the years on the festival. I actually needed to make this archive for my own sake, as a record of how I’ve been consistently improving, and also for some much needed inspiration yesterday when I sat down to make yet another Rangoli! 🙂






शुभ दीपावली is Hindi for Happy Diwali (Deepavali, technically, means a string of lights, but in spoken form we usually shorten the word). I wish your life is filled with light wherever you are reading this from, and if you…

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