The power of clarity

Dirk Verburg

Three things to avoid if you want to make sure people understand you

‘This is a very noisy world, so we have to be very clear what we want them to know about us’

Steve Jobs

In 1920 Vladimir Lenin already recognized the power of controlling the printing press. A century later, in today’s social media world, the real battle ground is our everyday language.

Language is one of the best gifts mankind ever received. Unfortunately, we frequently squander its value by using three things:

  1. Excessive re-framing
  2. Jargon
  3. Not being concise

1. Excessive re-framing

In the late 1980’s, at the start of my career, I was fortunate enough to be employed by a US company that seriously invested in developing its employees.

It was in this organization that I first learned the power of ‘reframing’.

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