How to get stains out of white clothes? I’ll tell you how!


A red wine stain on your white shirt? Bye bye shirt. Or wait, maybe you don’t have to. There’s a high chance that the stain will be gone in no time with the following tips!

  1. Stain removers

The first step to seeing a stain on your white clothing is to act quickly. The longer you wait, the more likely the stain will soak into the fabric. Use a special stain remover for white clothes, let it soak for a while and wash your garment as usual. Chances are your stain will come out this way.

2. Hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid

A somewhat strange combination, but it really works. Combine two parts 4% hydrogen peroxide and one part dishwashing liquid in small amounts and you have an effective stain cleaner. Make sure that you don’t use this product with silk or wool.

Person Holding White Feather in Front of White Textile

3. Bleach

A lifesaver in terms of stains…

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