Why You Need to Actively Relax and How to Do It

Take It Personel-ly

Why We Need a Better Approach to Relaxation

When is a weekend not a weekend? When it feels like the workweek never stopped. The modern workweek’s accumulated stress can be summed up with the concept of “burnout.” Burnout takes many forms – exhaustion, pessimism, feeling hopeless, and even chronic physical pain. And burnout is a worldwide epidemic.  

But weekends off don’t guarantee rest and recovery. We need to learn how to actively recharge to make the most of our downtime. And the best way to recover from the modern workweek is through active relaxation.

What is Active Relaxation?

“Active relaxation” may sound contradictory. After all, isn’t relaxation the opposite of being active? But people often underestimate how much they do in a day when they think they’re “relaxing.”

That’s why it is important to learn to actively relax. Active relaxation is simply taking initiative to carve out space and…

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