Seattle to Pittsburgh #2: A Lucky Break in Solitude

Nature and Nurture

Solitude, on a trip like this, is a given the majority of the time; my hope is that the virtue of solitude in a cabin in the woods or a beach can extend to a motorcycle trip. Thoreau wouldn’t ride a motorcycle, preferring solitude in nature and all, but he’d be missing out, as solitude can come in many forms — miles through desert-like steppes on a bike, for instance, with no one to speak to but your helmet. Solitude can be refreshing, spiritual, and even necessary, but as many have found in 2020, is not all it’s cracked up to be. (Thoreau is far from the end-all judge of self-reliance anyway.)

That’s why connections are the real marrow of life’s bones, and why today’s post is far less esoteric and all about highlighting these two amazing folks I met through Air BnB:

Roger & Lucinda, Los Rocosos…

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