5 Ways to make Home more Insta-shareable

Easy Tips

Last week I reposted a photo from NOWNESS (nowness.com) in Instagram. The photo is by Olja Ryzevzki, and it was taken in what seems like an artist room, with an iconic look, and this great flimsy aura that makes you wish you were there. I left the first question that popped into my mind in the post; “would you guys hang your own art at home?” (really, would/do you? If you are an artist, let me know in the comments pleeeease!! 😀 )

But actually, what I want to talk about today is about the second question that popped into my mind moments after…; “would you take photos of your room and post it on social media, if the pictures where not taken by a professional photographer and your room was like this one?”

If you’ve checked the post, you’ve noticed the bed is not made, and…

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