Heybeliada Princes’ Islands Istanbul Turkey


Heybeliada Houses from Hill of Hope Hiking Trail

It’s been hot in Istanbul, and the Princes’ Islands are a favorite summer escape from hectic city life. Nine peaceful islands form an archipelago in the Sea of Marmara off the coast of Istanbul. Some are uninhabited. Yesterday, I took the ferry from Kabataş and spent time on beautiful Heybeliada (Saddlebag Island). The ferry ride takes an hour, and there’s a welcome sea breeze along the way.

Dolmabahçe Mosque from Ferry

Dolmabahçe Palace from Ferry

Automobiles and motorcycles aren’t allowed on most of the islands, except for a few small transport buses and emergency vehicles. You can hire a horse-drawn buggy, but I didn’t see any. Bicycles are abundant and the most popular means of transportation. I made an impromptu decision to visit Heybeliada, the second largest island, with a population of around 3,000. Heybeliada is said to be bitterly cold in…

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