Low FODMAP ‘ultimate’ chocolate cake – moist light and fluffy yet RICH – Make free from Gluten, dairy, eggs!

Are you looking for a low FODMAP ‘gut friendly’ rich and chocolatey yet luxuriously light and fluffy chocolate cake?… That also happens to be gluten free, dairy free and egg free? (optionally as per your individual dietary requirements)… Look no further!

If you’re eager to enjoy a yummy chocolate cake without worrying about your dietary requirements, keep reading – I’ve got you covered…

This chocolate cake melts in the mouth. It is deliciously light and fluffy in addition to being lovely and moist – the complete opposite of a dense and dry sponge.

And it’s not just the sponge…

The cake also boasts a simple yet scrumptious chocolatey ‘buttercream’ centre and topping that not only tastes absolutely delicious but balances out the richness of the cake beautifully as well. And as a bonus, it is simple and easy to make.

Recipe tips

With all this talk of chocolate cake…

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