The McLaren Elva

The Krankshaft

This is not an exotic UFO randomly taking a spin through the airport road in Toronto. This is the McLaren Elva.

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

Notice anything surprising yet?
That’s right! This vehicle has got absolutely no windshield, no roof or any windows for that matter.

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

Well now you may ponder about the incredible hassle of driving it out in the open. It’s only reasonable to think like that, given that this automobile looks like a serious machine to be driven in colossal velocities, which indeed, can’t be more true.

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

To solve this predicament, there is a massive air duct in the front of the vehicle wrapped up with carbon-fibre. However this is just the starter.

📸 @zachbrehl (Instagram handle)

With the push of a button, you could actually emerge a wall from within the car’s bonnet that…

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