5 ways to practice self love

The Sunflower girl

Self love?

I bet everyone comes across this term atleast once in a day. So what’s the point of self love? Why self love is important?

Self love means being in love with your own soul, body and mind. Obviously It’s more than buying yourself flowers and treating yourself with your favourite food.

We often tend to confuse ourselves with the terms self love and self care. Both may feel like the same but actually it’s different.

In self care, you take care of yourself physically and mentally whereas in Self love, you start to show respect and kindness to yourself.

Self love is all about believing and accepting yourself. If you can’t love yourself then who can?

When you start loving yourself, you will see another dimension of the world where only positivity lies everywhere.

In our tough times, we easily blame ourselves for everything that happens around. It’s…

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