Home Tips and Hacks: How to Decorate Your Living Room?


The living room has evolved over the years. It is no longer just a place to relax with friends and family. A lot of us find it as a makeshift workspace, a place to eat when we want to watch the TV or a cosy corner for an afternoon nap.

With these said, it can get overwhelming if you are designing for a space that caters to different people in your home. Here are some home tips and hacks on how to decorate your living room.

Photo by Christelle BOURGEOIS on Unsplash

Define your focal point

Decorating your home can be a complicated process. You set out looking for the best pieces to put together in one space. Every purchased piece is a commitment to keep it for the next two years.

This is a common pitfall that results in overdecorating.

When decorating and furnishing your living room, pick a…

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