Coffee French Macarons

The Gastronomy Gal

These macarons stuffed with a rich coffee buttercream are the perfect desserts for coffee lovers! They’re delicate and perfect for tea time or for gifting.

These coffee macarons are incredibly delicious and great for coffee lovers. Non-coffee lovers may love it too since it isn’t bitter! The white macarons dusted with cocoa powder and stuffed with coffee buttercream are beautiful and delicate, ideal for gifting, tea time, any sort of gathering, or you could be like me and just enjoy them leisurely. Macarons are quite sweet in nature so I like to pair them with tea or coffee.

As you may know, macarons are very particular desserts and many people, just like me, fail several times before making successful macarons. The most common problems are cracked and collapsed shells, stiff meringue-like shells, and lack of macaron “feet”. Through my years of macaron making, I have finally “mastered” the art of…

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