7 Tips to Organize Your Pantry for FREE

Basic Ass Cooking

Go look at your pantry right now. How does it make you feel?

Lady being hit by falling Tupperware

If you’re like me, looking at your pantry will make you feel like just closing the door and opening the UberEats app on your phone (meaning that NO cooking will happen in your kitchen tonight).

But also, organizing things is a laborious and tedious task. And for me, usually the closest that I ever come to organizing things is creating a Pinterest boardto *inspire* me to organize things. Or, I would browse Instagram, looking at gorgeous kitchens designed by professionals or naturally well-organized people. I don’t usually actually go and organize the things, to be honest.

But my pantry was not only uninspiring, it was also wasteful and dangerous.

Unorganized bottom part of my pantry

How can a pantry be wasteful?

As you can see in my pantry organization…

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