Top 10 Reasons to visit Abu Dhabi UAE

Delusional Bubble

When it comes to traveling to the beautiful UAE, people immediately pick Dubai as their destination, Dubai & things to do in Dubai being the main focus of their visit. There’s no shame in it as Dubai constantly makes headlines worldwide as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. However, only an hour and a half away lays an outstanding city called Abu Dhabi with some of the most epic touristic attractions in the country (and in some cases, evens a better choice for tourists coming to the UAE).
While Dubai is known as one of the best cities for shopping malls and exotic lifestyles, Abu Dhabi has successfully made a bid to become the Emirates’ cultural hub and a major tourist destination in the Middle East in some ways no other Middle Eastern city has ever achieved.

Although not as fancy as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the capital…

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