Meditation tips for beginners


Cindy is a meditation expert who had tons of new members over the covid course. Via Zoom she gives workshops, tips, tricks and lessons on how to meditate. And today, she’s here to share her wisdom for beginners!

  1. Have no expectations

Meditation isn’t a quick fix to solve all of life’s problems. As with any other form of exercise, meditation takes effort, and it takes time to reap the benefits. Don’t try to enter each meditation with expectations of how you’ll feel afterwards, or that you’ll become a much better person. Instead, approach each time to meditate as an opportunity to get to know your own mind better.

2. Pick a time

Scheduling a time of day to meditate will make it easier to establish the habit and you’ll likely do it every day. For example, you can try combining meditation with a daily habit you already have, such as…

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