No Bake Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie Balls

In Dianes Kitchen


Oreo Cookies ground into crumbs, mixed with cream cheese, rolled into 1” balls and dipped in milk or white chocolate. If you love Oreo Cookies you will love these.

Adapted from: Southern Living


Break up the cookies a few at a time and put them

into a food processor, turning them into fine crumbs.

I used a blender but a food processor will work better.

Add the vanilla extract and pulse to combine.


Place them into a large bowl.


Cut the softened cream cheese into small

pieces and add them to the crushed cookies.


Using a large spoon cream the cookies

and cream cheese together thoroughly.


Cover a large baking sheet with waxed paper.


Roll the cookie mixture into 1” balls and

place them on the waxed paper covered pan.


Cover cookie balls with another sheet of

waxed paper and chill for one hour.


In a double boiler melt the…

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