How to Style Workwear with Trinny Woodall Tips


As an entrepreneur, you already must know that your look – your visual – talks more about yourself in seconds than any word. Thinking of it, I brought you this brief but inspiring video of Closet Confessions: How To Style Workwear with Trinny Woodall.

Trinny is an entrepreneur and one of the stars of ‘What Not To Wear.’ In the past 4 years, she built a $250 million beauty empire and is someone to keep an eye on the market. To read more about it, click here.

Trinny Woodall, founder of Trinny London. Image from Forbes.

The series of episodes happen on YouTube weekly and show Woodall’s wardrobe with Lucy’s help from the Trinny London team. Everything you wanted to know about styling, clothing, fashion, and even how to organize your wardrobe can be found in this series according to their YouTube description.

Closet Confessions: How To Style Workwear…

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