March 2021 – Color Week: Yellow

Adventures in every day life...

Welcome to this year’s 365 photo today challenge. You can check out this link if you care to join. It is a great group!

I enjoy ‘colour’ week. This month we are looking for all things ‘yellow.’

Grab a coffee, or other beverage of choice and enjoy! 

March 14 – Triangle:  I live in a very artistic area, and art is everywhere. A current trend is Barn Quilts. These colourful replicas of quilt blocks enhance all kinds of buildings as well as barns. I love this proud rooster block, made with many triangles, including a few yellow ones.

March 15 – Safe:  There are yellow caution signs everywhere for all kinds of reasons. Around my area, there is lots marshland, and turtles often cross the roads, mainly in the spring & early summer when they look for places to lay their eggs. We have even had them laying their eggs…

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