Start counting your sheep: The importance of getting enough sleep

Lyon Life

Sydney Mathis, 21’, Student Life Editor

Staying up late to finish an assignment on time can be one of the most frustrating things for a student. Whether you have a job to attend after school or you struggle from procrastinating, it is hard to get certain assignments done. When you have to stay up late to finish school work while also attending six classes a day, it can pile on a lot of stress. Letting your body get enough sleep is important; you should never sacrifice your health.

Maybe you are feeling burnt out from school, and maybe you are procrastinating a lot, but when you get more sleep, you actually increase your productivity. Getting a good night’s sleep can actually improve your mindset for school and work. Not getting enough sleep can even be compared to being intoxicated, or, at minimum, feeling not in the right headspace.

If you…

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