Vertical Layer Chestnut Cake (Video)

The Gastronomy Gal

As opposed to a typical horizontal cake, this vertical layer chestnut cake is a beautiful surprise that tastes nutty and buttery!

To my surprise, chestnuts aren’t very popular in the states (maybe due to its higher cost), even though there is a whole Christmas carol about them. However, they should not be overlooked since they are incredibly nutritious and flavor-packed. To utilize such a beautiful ingredient, I made a vertical layer chestnut cake that is inspired by the flavors of a Mont Blanc dessert. Mont Blanc is a French/Italian dessert where a sweetened chestnut puree piped to resemble vermicelli is piped on top. It is piped in the shape of a mountain to resemble the Mont Blanc mountain. The dessert base is usually some sort of pastry such as a tart alongside with whipped cream. I don’t see many bakeries in the states selling chestnut-flavored desserts so I have to…

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