Tips For Remodelling Your Perfect Kitchen.

New Lune

Home remodelling and redesign are likely to be something of a trend in 2021, with the pandemic impacting other areas of personal spending.

Going on holiday may be impossible for much of the year, whilst gigs, clubs and eating out are all currently restricted. Whilst some people may be feeling a financial pinch, there will be others sat with disposable income and nothing to spend it on but their homes.

Last year, 65% of UK homeowners chose to spend on a project on their property, with an average of £4,000 splashed out each time. Interestingly, £4,000 is around the average a new kitchen will set you back, one of the most popular renovations within a home. The kitchen and the bathroom are aspirational purchases that not only add value to a property but also improve the quality of life for the residents.

In my article 6 Things for Your Home…

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