Types of Dances and their Benefits: Here is what you need to know

Dance Tips and Facts

All dance styles have physical, mental, and emotional benefits. The key to how a dance will benefit you is to find the style you enjoy the most. Here are a few types to get you started:

Ballet: This is a very graceful and technical form of dance, but it’s also perfect for all ages. It’s universally known that ballet is the foundational style for all dance.

You can develop a basic understanding of:

  • Footwork
  • Balance
  • Timing
  • Turns
  • Flexibility
  • Core strength

Belly dance: Belly dancing is a great style to start with, especially if you want to learn how to express yourself by using your stomach muscles, core, arms, and hips.

Hip-hop: Hip-hop style is also perfect for all ages, and it’s especially great for people who want to dance to popular and modern music with lots of personality and style.

Tap: Tap dancers learn how to hear different layers of…

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