Great British Blog Off: Walnut-Coffee Sponge Roll

Running Into Joy

Today, I embarked on a journey I have long awaited and feared.

Today, I made my first cake roll.

As you may have noticed, I took last week off from baking. Originally I planned only to take weeks off between sections. Then, I got the opportunity to volunteer at (and attend) a local virtual writing conference. Rather than squeeze in the bake and make it feel like an unpleasant chore, I opted to wait on Week 12, instead.

Somehow, one week off felt like months.

I’d love to say I raced back in eagerly, but I’m in the midst of an occipital neuralgia pain flare so my level of enthusiasm in general is a little bit muted.

It doesn’t help matters that Azula smacked the already affected side of my head with her bone, adding a bruise to my already painful head.

Still, I try not to let pain flares…

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