Is The LinkedIn Free Trial Worth The Try?

Andi Dandy Notebook

If you have a regular LinkedIn account, then you must also be seeing promos of the LinkedIn Learning free trial around the interface.

But you’re probably wondering…

Is it a good resource? Can you get anything out of it at all?

Don’t worry, because you were just like me. And I now have 51 new certificates and over 10 new certified skills on LinkedIn. YES, it’s possible, and I’ll tell you how in this article.

I started my LinkedIn Learning free trial with 3 objectives…

linkedin learning free trial objectives

  1. First, I wanted to master one specialtycontent writing. Through my freelancing years, I’ve experienced working in various roles for different industries. However, some of them are not as fulfilling as writing is for me.

  1. Second, I wanted to earn more certificates. Let’s face it, certificates are great displays of your knowledge and skills besides your portfolio.

  1. That’s why I wanted…

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