Tips for Writers: Just Show Up

Mitch Teemley


So, what’s the tip? It’s right there in the title, actually, but by way of explanation: Underpinning my previous encouragement to not wait for inspiration, is the fact that a leap-of-faith is involved in believing you’ll have any idea what to write once you get “there.” This isn’t about choosing a topic—there are lots of writing prompts available for that. But once you have a topic, perhaps due to a wonderful/terrifying paid assignment, or an ongoing story or project, what are you going to write when you get there?

Sometimes your leap-of-faith will be a mere hop over a crack. Other times it’ll be a daredevil Evil Knevel dive across the Grand Canyon. That’s why it’s called a leap of faith. Faith means trust.

But trust in whom?


If you desire to write, that desire comes from somewhere, and that same somewhere holds the key to what to…

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