Shopping Addiction: Break the Urge to Splurge

Love Ugly Food

I’ve posted about why and how to shop less. But as the holidays loom, I want to come back to the subject. The next four posts will address how to want to shop less. Enjoy!

It’s not surprising that so many of us are addicted—whether it’s to shopping, gaming, exercising, drinking, drug-use or anything in between.

When there are powerfully pleasurable things in the world, and powerfully negative experiences, anxieties, and pressures, it’s only logical that we take advantage of easy bursts of available pleasure. Unfortunately, modern pleasures are all too pleasurable, and without care, self-medication can quickly get out of hand.

Whether your consumption takes the form of addiction or disorder, compulsion or impulse, habit or custom, it is something most of us can benefit from adjusting. This is not to say we should dial back our desires, but that we should fulfill them consciously, and, in the…

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