Blogging Tips: Safely Migrating Your Blog from to a Self-Hosted WordPress Solution

SEO San Francisco

Hello WordPress fans! In this post I will be explaining how to migrate your data from to a self-hosted WordPress solution, and how to transfer your subscribers, stats and install the best SEO and Caching plugins so your new blog will be blazing fast and super-optimized for the search engines. If you have been hosting a blog at for a while, you may feel that it’s time to upgrade. Unfortunately the personal and premium WordPress package do not offer much flexibility. If you want the ability to install plugins, WordPress requires that you subscribe to their business package at $25/mo, which is quiet steep for most of us especially if you take into consideration that many WordPress users have less than 100 visitors a day. Note that WordPress wrote a guide for people who are moving to Self-Hosted WordPress, but you may still have questions which is why…

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