Espresso Oreo Cake

Food by the Gram

In case you missed the big news on Instagram, WE BOUGHT A FREAKIN’ HOUSE! And what better way to celebrate than with something decadent that combines some of our favorite flavors?! I love chocolate and Oreos, and Steve is a big coffee guy, so I got to thinking – why not marry those flavors to create something magical?

Let me tell you folks – this is magic indeed. It’s rich, chocolatey, has strong hints of espresso throughout the cake and frosting, and it’s a hint better for you since it’s made with my light chocolate cake recipe as the base.

The cake base

IMG_8557This cake starts with my lighter chocolate cake recipe, which you can also find in my Lighter Chocolate Cupcake recipe and my Lighter Chocolate Cake with Greek Yogurt Frosting recipe.

This cake is made lighter a few ways:

  1. It uses much less sugar than a traditional cake…

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