What should the office network look like?

The Frugal Tech Startup

Setting up fast, stable wireless internet connectivity in office without breaking the bank is something that most startups struggle with. Here, I will discuss one specific setup which is expandable and has worked well in multiple different scenarios.

Internet has become like a utility – just like we expect electricity to always be available when we press the switch or water to be available when we turn the tap, we also expect the internet to be available when we start our laptops or other devices. This is not easy, specially with more than a couple of users, and I have regularly seen startups spend thousands of dollars on the office network with limited success. Here are my recommendations for the various components of an office network.

  1. Internet Connectivity. Get two connections of at least 100 Mbps each, preferably 1 Gbps. Most ISPs like ACT, Airtel, Spectra etc. have launched…

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