5 Ways to Stay Sane in Isolation

Braless in The Burbs

I am a professional shut-in. From chronic illness to multiple surgeries, I’ve had many, many periods of time where I’ve been forced to just stay put for days, weeks, months on end. So, I’d like to offer you my 5 tips for not losing your marbles.

1. Remember that this is temporary.

I know that it doesn’t feel like it right now, but this will pass at some point. It may not be as fast as we would all like, but it will eventually end.

I deal with a lot of abdominal pain on a daily basis, and I constantly repeat to myself that it’s temporary, it will go away, because it always does, no matter how bad it is.

2. Use deep, belly breaths.

It is scientifically proven that deep breathing and prolonged exhales, actually help lower heart rate and reduce stress in the body.

Did you know…

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