Sexy is in again with new F-Type


When it was launched, the Jaguar F-Type made a statement. A thunderous soundtrack, sexy looks, and a penchant for flinging its tail at every turn, it was a highly entertaining machine. That love affair, like all love affairs, didn’t last long . As entertaining as it was, the F-Type wasn’t the fastest sports car around and its tail happy nature took the brunt of the blame. Jaguar fixed this issue by offering the F-Type with an all-wheel drive system (the F-Type SVR), fixing the problem majorly. But then, the car had lost its charm for new buyers as they cried for something fresh. Jaguar has finally answered that call. The new Jaguar F-Type has a new face, new tech, and a new aura that makes it feel like a compelling car again. Let’s dive into all that’s new about the car and see if it is worth your time if…

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