Invert Focus: Black Tip Fromia Starfish

First Time Marine Keeper

Common names for Fromia Indica include; Black Tip Fromia Starfish, Red Fromia Starfish, Red Starfish and Indian Sea Star.

As juveniles the Black Tip Fromia Starfish are bright red in colour with a black marble effect running through their bodies & legs, accompanied by black tips on the ends of their legs. As they mature, their brilliant red colour turns into a more orange colour with less prominent black tips.

Special care should be taken if you decide to add one of these Starfish to your aquarium, they are very sensitive to salinity changes & require an established aquarium.

Tank Requirements

Red Starfish with Black Tips
Red Starfish with Black Tips

  • These Starfish are reef safe
  • Clean and stable water
  • Stable salinity levels & water parameters
  • They will not tolerate a high nitrate level
  • Absolutely no copper treatments within the tank

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