Photographs & Romance

All The Shoes I Wear

The social media selfie taking generation….Hating it!  The fishy lip pouty mouths, shirtless mirror shots, posed, exposed and put through a million filters, only highlights the absurdity of a “look at me” generation.  But, let’s be honest, they have more glam, style, make up and swag than we had in our youth..

They’re doing trend and style just…better, so if it weren’t for those ridiculous selfies, what would they have as the decades fly by to look back on with the hilarity of “what was I thinking?”, like the rest of us have?  These will be for them as the hot pants with gogo’s boots, bell bottoms and platform shoes, mullets and the 80’s big hair days, are for us.

I enjoy recieving portraits of my family with posed pictures.  These are nice to place in frames, see our loved ones faces smiling back at us but they aren’t my…

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