Cinnamon Rolls Three Ways

And A Chocolate Drizzle

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a warm cinnamon roll? Right when it’s fresh from the oven and the cinnamon sugar and butter mixture is piping hot and extra fragrant…and the cream cheese frosting is *just* starting to melt into every little curve of the roll?

For me, that’s a taste of happiness. And selfishly, I adore making rolls in the morning to fill my kitchen with a homey, cozy, sweet smell.

Cinnamon rolls, and sweet rolls in general, are easy to make and even easier to make the night before. If you’ve had any hiccups while making cinna rolls before, I bet it was because of the dough, right? Maybe it didn’t rise a whole lot or baked up too hard? I’ve been there…and since I’ve been there, I want to make sure you don’t end up there while you’re on this baking venture.

This dough recipe is so

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