How to Pour Latte Art

Kelsey Makes Coffee

I don’t know how many times I have been at work, pouring someone’s cappuccino or latte, and they are amazed at the design I pour for them. Even when it’s art that I don’t think is my best, people are usually impressed! Back in my early days in coffee, I was obsessed, like most baristas, with perfecting my latte art. And since I find myself explaining it on the regular, why not post about it?

Photos by Joshua Puckett (@original_juckett on Instagram)

What you’ll need: an espresso machine with a steam wand, coffee ground for espresso (freshly ground is preferred!), a milk pitcher, and a milk of your choice! Keep in mind, however, that whole milk will result in the best latte art due to the higher fat content. Another thing to note is that latte art is only possible with coffee brewed as espresso. So how does it work?…

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