8 Go-To Books for the Home Decor Lover

Dylan Kade's Blog

Hey Peeps! Who doesn’t love a good book… especially about beautifying your spaces?! Today I’m sharing my list of favorite home-related books…

1. “Homebody” by Joanna Gaines

I think we can all agree that Joanna Gaines really brought the farmhouse look front and center a few years ago when she and Chip first entered the spotlight… and she knows what she’s doing! I love her book “Homebody” because she does such a good job of breaking the big world of interior design into understandable, achievable types.

This book is a great read (and the pictures are gorgeous!)

2. “Magnolia Table” by Joanna Gaines

Ok, yes… it’s another Joanna Gaines… and it’s not design related; however, it is HOME related! And a lot of the recipes in this book aren’t all “fru-fru.” She uses real ingredients that people already shop for, but she also takes time to talk about…

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