How to arrange bedroom furniture according to the room size?

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Bedrooms are highly personal. Thus, planning a bedroom furniture arrangement does not come so naturally to everyone. Just like not everyone is blessed with a good sense of direction, arranging the different elements of your bedroom requires sharp intuitiveness and creativity. As we said, it is a personal room and the choice narrows down – how you want to use the different elements of the bedroom. But still, there are some ground rules you need to follow when arranging the modern bedroom furniture.

The blog discusses some key rules to follow when arranging your bedroom. Remember, the idea is to maximize space and function in the bedroom without compromising with the style and design.

Modern beds:

Let’s start with the important element of a bedroom i.e. the bed. Typically, it is also the largest piece of furniture you’ll have in the bedroom. Hence, it should be placed first when considering…

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