Blogging every day for a month: what happened?

The Cat's Write

If you’ve been following me lately, you’ll know I was planning to blog every day for a month. I love creating ridiculous challenges for myself and I’ve always admired those bloggers who somehow manage to push out quality content every single day – so I thought… why shouldn’t I try the same thing?

I was initially going to attempt this challenge for a fortnight, but I was really worried about the ‘side effects’ so thought I’d keep it to a week – and then I thought, ah what the heck! Why not blog every day for a month, because you know, it will easy. 

It was not easy guys, and as you can see, I only managed 6 days before I threw in the towel.

Firstly, blogging on a weekend is weird. Also… who the hell has time to write 30 articles in advance?  Secondly… I felt so disconnected…

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