5 Winter Lip Balms You Should Try Out!

Jess the Mess Cleans Up

With living in Colorado, the winters get so cold! The bone chilling kind of cold! What makes that cold worse? Dry-cracked lips! Your lips need to be moisturized and protected! Below are 5 winter lip balms you should try out, including a mans ( A.K.A. babes) chapstick pick!

1. My favorite for winter: Chapstick — Candy Cane!

Chaptstick lip balm is affordable and smells just like peppermint tea! This lip balm really puts me in the holiday spirit!

2. Lypsyt — Intense Protection

This, swidesh beeswax, lip balm is a top contender of mine! It has a more oval shape which coats your lips in one move! Ps. The cutest bee slider! I’ve used this brand for years now and still love how smooth it glides & wears! Available for purchase at your local Walmart!

3. Aubío — Hydrating Lip Balm

This hydrating lip balm has SPF 30 as well…

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