John Freires

architectural photography of brown wooden house

1. To recognize an Occasion

There’s always a good reason to go. It may be a birthday or anniversary of the highlight. An apprenticeship. A marriage–or a festival before the marriage. Before a small one even comes a babymoon. An even more unique event is created by celebrating the hustle and bustle of the home. It is also a nice way to bring together friends and family from far-flung corners. Celebration holidays also offer a lasting advantage: shared lifetime memories.

woman facing man standing on gray rock

2. Cool – down / Refresh

Perhaps you don’t want to flee from your issues. But everybody can take advantage of a break from our regular working diets and no play. You might not understand how much you must cut off from the constant pressure from the fact that you have access to social media, email or telephone.

woman sitting on blanket located on shoreline

3. Get away

Travel is especially useful for workers who have difficulty…

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