Hyundai Presented the i10 N at Frankfurt

The Transport Journal

Like M is to BMW and AMG is to Mercedes, Hyundai has introduced its performance sub-brand the N. It was introduced in and was pretty well received on the i30, i30 fastback and the Tucson. Now the baby Hyundai, the i10 also gets the N treatment. The i10 N would be available in Europe in summer 2020..

Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product at Hyundai Motor Europe stated, ” Taking inspiration from our high-performance sub-brand Hyundai N, the i10 N Line features an even more dynamic look. In the past year, N Line has become an important component of our model strategy and we are excited to introduce the N Line character to our i10 customers.”

i10 N Line’s dynamic and sleek design offers a contrast between its soft surfaces and sharp lines. Its exterior design enhancements include redesigned bumpers and grille, giving it a dynamic look reminiscent of…

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