#72 What does it take to get into the top 5 percent? – *Topic Week 4* – An introduction

dream | act | succeed

Yesterday, everyone could watch an awesome formula one race from Italy. Those 20 drivers, not only heroes, but also top performers in their field. For them, there is just on goal in life!

But for us, mortal beings, this is not really possible, is it? We have a job, a family and other “burdens” that hold us back from becoming the next formula one star!

“But if they were not there, I would …”.

And this is where I want to start. We can do what ever we want to do in life. Never ever in history, was it that easy to connect with people, start a business or live your dream. But most of us do not do this. They live a normal life, a simple life.

But there is actually a way. Even for us! I will call it the 5% rule.

What ever you are doing, get…

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