Discovering a WooCommerce Business: Universal Yums


Universal Yums uses WooCommerce to elevate the snacking experience. Their subscription snack box of unique culinary treats from different countries has been delivered to over a million customers. One month you could be experiencing the delights of Greek baklava, the next a glorious mouthful of dried squid from China.

Customer Photo #3 Happy customer. Photo courtesy of Elias Zauner.

Food can conjure unique associations. I remember being in India: I was so determined to retrieve Indian sweets that I nearly met my demise running through a storming river of exuberant tuk-tuk drivers. And food from my native England always reminds me of home, so whenever I leave there, I make sure my suitcase is stuffed with hobnobs and marmite. I was therefore excited to chat with Universal Yums co-founder Eli Zauner to learn how he pursued his vision of “world snacks for all.”

How did the idea for Universal Yums first come about?

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