Practical Writing Tips For Anyone

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Staring at a blank screen sipping coffee as you try to mustard out a few more words is the ritual of writers. We’re stubborn people, we look straight into the abyss till our eyes bleed and the voice in our head screams struggling to find the right words to say. Oddly enough, this torture is… satisfying. We always come back for more like a money starved boxer fiending for their next fight.

What do we like about writing? Well, I’ll assume you’re like me. I believe writing is pure freedom, and pure creation. It’s your chance to decide who wins, who loses, who sinks and who soars. Writing is a reflection of you and your chance to let your voice ring throughout someone’s head.

That’s some pretty heavy shit right?


Every so often people will message me looking for ways to improve their writing and fortunately for them I…

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