11 photos of Lavish Pieces of Jewelry from Ancient Egypt

Women of Egypt Mag

Sunday May 19, 2019               By: Sherine Radwan

0d23df28d5-img Contemporary piece inspired by jewelry from ancient Egypt designed by Doro Soucy 

The grandeur of the ancient Egyptian civilization is evident in the crafts and artifactsleft behind, including jewelry. Egyptians had access to precious metals and gem stones. The discovery of gold, in abundance, in the Nubian deserts revolutionized the Egyptian jewelry making. With their advanced tools, technology and skilled craftsmen, they were among the first who established the jewelry making industry in the ancient world. The precision, details and designs of their jewelry were state of the art, even by today’s standards. Their exquisite designs still inspire jewelry makers around the world.

bab99a420c2c7b2b83328e68c8fc20d6--egyptian-jewelry-ancient-jewelry Gold collar from the treasure of the royal tombs Tanis, ca. 1070-712 B.C. – Cairo Museum

In ancient Egypt, women, men and children, from poor families to royalties wore the best colorful jewelry…

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