Travel Lessons & The Revolution – Athens, Greece

DanVenture Travels

Instead of starting with the usual apology for being absent for a while, I will just jump straight into my next story.

Athens – well, what a city. A city that is old, dirty & incredibly busy… yet absolutely beautiful & maybe just a little bit magical. The city is ancient & a brilliant word to describe it would be sprawling. At first glance, it seems over populated, sidewalks need to be weeded & the buildings need a new coat of paint, but that’s just the rough exterior – once you start making your way around, you’ll find quint little café’s & picturesque churches hidden in the narrow streets.

IMG_20190427_230710_263 Smiling because I have my baklava.

Before going to Athens, I knew I definitely wanted to go to the Parthenon at the Acropolis. I guess so does everyone else who visits Athens. I made a huge mistake though & I did…

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